The Ultimate Honeymoon Hideaway

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The Ultimate Honeymoon Hideaway

Take a moment to picture fairy-tale vistas, cozy log fires, private hot tubs and you begin to see why Scandinavia is quickly becoming a ‘go-to’ lover’s paradise.

Behold! The panoramic landscape of Scandinavian is here to take your breath away. Add sultriness to your secluded moments with log fires. Pamper your body and senses on private bath tubes that fire up your romantic fixation in the country that lovers say is their paradise.

One of the most appealing aspects of a Scandinavian Honeymoon is the unparalleled seclusion that countries like Finland offer. Throughout Finnish Lapland, we only work with the most luxurious tree houses and glass igloos, offering unique experiences such as viewing the renowned ‘Northern Lights’ without having to leave the comfort of your bed! These innovative forms of accommodation also mean that couples can spend every evening falling asleep under a canopy of stars.

Scandinavian Honeymoon offers you the sanctity of seclusion similar to the Nordic countries like Finland. We offer you the finest luxuries in unique glass igloos, unexampled tree houses in the territory of Finnish Lapland. “Northern Light” eyeshot is possible at the comfort of your bed. Innovative accommodations lets the head-over-heels couples catch their sleep under a fabric of stars!

In addition to such spectacular accommodation, we customize a host of romantic activities to suit our guests; from husky-pulled sled rides to candle-lit pop-up dinners featuring local delicacies or perhaps even a peaceful evening spent in a private sauna.

Mild adventure filled activities like husky-pulled sled rides, candle lit pop-up dinners serving local delicacies are also round the corner. Relax yourself from entire day’s fatigue in the evening with private sauna session.

Whether it’s rest and relaxation or adventure and escape, or perhaps both; Finnish Lapland is the answer! With our expert knowledge and exclusive offers, we’d love to curate a one-of-a-kind honeymoon experience for you or your clients.