The Lower Zambezi National Park

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The Lower Zambezi National Park

The Lower Zambezi National Park is one of those undeveloped parts of Africa where the true beauty lies in its wild nature. This place is known for its abundant wildlife. When you wish to experience the typical wild state of Africa, then this park becomes a must visit for you.

Location And Area Overview

Location And Area Overview

This park is located in Zambia; just the opposite of the famous Mana Pools Reserve in Zimbabwe. Both the sides of the Zambezi River has magnificent and vast wildlife sanctuary. Some people think that the wildlife of this park is a little less diverse in comparison to the other African National Parks, but you can always get a chance to have a close encounter with the wildlife here. The entire Park covers an area of 4092 square kilometers.

Apart from the Zambezi River, the park is the habitat of many plants including ebony and fig trees. The further inland of the river bank is a floodplain, and it is fringed with mopane forest. It also has winter thorn trees as well as acacias. Not only the floodplain but also the hill that set the background of the Park is covered with broadleaf woodland. The escarpment in the northern end of the park plays the role of the physical barrier for most of the animals.


You can see almost all the wild animals here in this park for which Africa is famous for. It includes big elephants, lions, and leopards, buffalos, waterbuck, etc. You can listen to the ubiquitous cry of the fish eagle all around the park which will increase the wilderness in the ambiance.

Best Time To Visit

 Best Time To Visit

Like the other African national parks, this one should also be visited during the dry season, because it is the most favorable season to meet the wild animals of Africa and the climate also stay good during this time. That means from July to October is the right time to visit this place. However, some people prefer to visit this park during April and May because of some added benefits.

  • The crowd of the tourists remains low at this time of the year, and hence you can roam freely and easily inside the park.
  • The weather remains clear and calm during these months. The days may be warm enough but the nights are crisp cool.
  • For the photographers, these are the best months because they can get a wider and clearer sky at this time. Exceptional stargazing can be possible at night because of that clear sky.
  • This is the time of the year when birds from all around the world come to this place in search of water.

How To Get Access

Travel Through International Airlines

While traveling to Lower Zambezi via international airlines, you may have a couple of flight options in your hand. The Lusaka’s Kenneth Kaunda International Airport is the starting point for the international tourists. This airport has multiple connecting flights to Johannesburg in South Africa (South African Airways) and Nairobi in Kenya (Kenya Airways). Apart from these, you can have daily flights to and from Dubai and Addis Abeba.

Domestic Airlines

If you are among those tourists who visit Victoria Falls and Chobe National Park areas, then you can plan your tour for this national park through domestic air travel from Livingstone to Lusaka or vice versa.

From The Airport

From Lusaka, it is another about 1-hour flight journey to Lower Zambezi, which you can include in your safari adventure. Your selected lodge will pick you up from the airstrip and take you to the final destination where you will receive a warm welcome with a cold drink.

What You Can Expect When You Are In Lower Zambezi

  1. If you have visited the Chobe National Park earlier than geographically you may not find any differences in between these two parks, because of the presence of the Zambezi River which is the dominant part of this entire region. However, you can find fewer tourists and more wilderness here in this park. You can consider this as a good alternative experience of Okavango Delta. The untouched wildlife will make you remember that place easily.
  2. You can explore this park on boats. Boat trips on the Zambezi river is the best experience you can have in Lower Zambezi National Park.
  3. You can meet some of the most experienced, efficient and friendly guides and rangers of Africa here in this park. Most of them are the local inhabitants, and they know this area as good as their palm.

Some Useful Tools For Your Safari Adventure

zambia lower zambezi national park

It is true that your camp in Lower Zambezi will have all the things that will ensure your comfort and safety in this park, but you can bring some items with you so that you can stay there without any issue. Here is a short list of things that you must have with you while going for a safari adventure.

  • Sunblock cream and lip salve
  • Pocket torch
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Inexpensive and waterproof watch
  • Adaptor
  • Insect repellent
  • Water bottles
  • Carry bags

Recommended Lodges

Anabezi Camp, Baines’ River Camp, Royal Zambezi Lodge, Old Mondoro, Potato Bush Camp, Sausage Tree Camp, Chongwe River Camp, Chiawa Camp and Chongwe House are some of the suggested lodges from our team.