Plan a Trip to the Most Surreal Place on the Planet – NAMIBIA & WINDHOEK

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Plan a Trip to the Most Surreal Place on the Planet – NAMIBIA & WINDHOEK

A paradise for wildlife photographers, Namibia is best described as a land of clear colors and contrasts. If you are looking out for peace and stillness, Namibia is just the place to be. The mesmerizing landscapes and the vast desert stretches make up for such a picturesque sight for travelers. Namibia is one of the least populated countries of the world and the people here are friendly and welcoming. The real beauty of the much popular African wildlife lies right here in this beautiful country



Windhoek is the capital city of Namibia and is one of the biggest tourist spots of the amazing country. The famous wildlife safaris of Namibia start right from here. If you are travelling by an airplane, Windhoek is the first entry point of the country. Apart from the many adventurous things that Windhoek offers there are also deep cultural roots that will fascinate you every moment. Here in this blog we are discussing about things that you should do when you come for an excursion to this travelers’ paradise

Know About the History of Windhoek

History of Windhoek

Windhoek has been a German colony and there is vast history behind this modern contemporary city. There are a great number of historic places that you can visit in Windhoek and there is plenty of knowledge one can gather there. Heroes’ Acre, the war memorial, situated 10 kms from the city is the biggest patriotic and nationalist symbol of the African country. Independence Memorial Museum is another great historic place that displays almost everything related to the beautiful history of Namibia. Another historic place that is truly worth visiting is Christuskirche, the oldest church in the country that showcases an exemplary display of architecture and beauty.

Explore the Wild side of Windhoek

Wild side of Windhoek

There is no other place in the world as naturally beautiful as Windhoek. Tintenpalast Gardens is a great picnic spot for local as well as foreign tourists. Those who have a taste for exotic plants can head towards the National Botanical Gardens. Spend some quality refreshing time at the Avis Dam Nature Reserve where you can go for a natural trail of bird watching and some rejuvenating time in a green and refreshing environment.

Shop for Local Crafts

If you want to get your hands on the local craft of the country, the Namibia craft centre is just the perfect place to be. The best way to know and feel a place is by going through its local indigenous materials. Shop for stunningly beautiful souvenirs to carry back for your loved ones at the local craft markets. Handmade artefacts are another great highlight of the local market here.

Get a Taste of Namibia’s Appetizing Cuisine and World’s Best Wines

Namibia’s Best Wines

Windhoek is quite famous for its local cuisine and places where you can drink to your fullest. Joe’s Beer House is the best place to have great Beer at a place filled with a cool and classy ambiance. Andy’s Pub is another happening place that has been attraction the attention of tourists and locals since long.

Windhoek is the perfect destination for all those looking for some ideal time away from the bustling city life. The place provides a surreal experience of a lifetime and all thanks to its rich history, vastly spread natural reserves and great local cuisine and shopping markets.