Most Outrageous Places To Spend Your Nights

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Most Outrageous Places To Spend Your Nights

If you are searching for some unique and definitely strange places to spend your evenings then we bring the list of most outrageous sites worth looking at:

The Manta Resort

If sleeping under the sea is your dream then a must visit is the Underwater Room off the coast of Zanzibar. This floating element at the Manta resort can give you a close look at hundreds of colorful fishes swimming here and there during the day. You can also view the curious and unknown nocturnal creatures gliding over the windows. The room is located amidst the roof and is accessible via a boat. It contains three different levels a landing deck, a roof for stargazing, and an abode with a double bed. What’s more? You can also enjoy breathtaking views of octopus, squids, and red Spanish dancers.

Lion Sands Tree Houses

Another prominent name in the list, you can dream under the sky at this Lion Sands tree house which is situated in South Africa. You get three options to choose from, each of them offering stunning views of the land beneath you. The open-air concept of this site allows you to get fully immersed in the surrounding environment, sights, and sounds. Besides, you never fall short in the comfort of luxuries and amenities. To enjoy the sun sets, you get tapas and champagne.

Entre Cielos Lodge

Sipping on wine on the loft that is hovering over the vineyards is like a dream come true. The Entre Cielos Lodge is a modern styled tree house which is quite pretty and private and comes with modern advanced aesthetics and is a contrast to the natural beauty. It has roof window to get a view of the sunlight during the day and starry nights and sky. An outdoor bubble bath is also present allowing you to get an adorable view of the vineyards side by side.

Desert Dreams

If camping is your idea of luxury, then glamping is definitely worth a try! Imagine yourself enjoying a dream tent of two, in between a desert near the Dar Ahlam of southern Morocco. The lanterns will be casting warm, cozy and gleam glow as you sleep. You can also enjoy dining in one of the mouthwatering Middle East fares which can be followed by night at a luxurious private Bedouin camp in Wadi Rum.

Giraffe Manor

Get a restful night followed by enjoying breakfast with some mighty friends. The resident Rothschild giraffes will wait at your bedroom windows to get a nibble of your meal. This Kenyan property was built in 1932 and is surrounded by forests and parks where these creatures love to roam and meet people.

Anatolian Houses

And last but not the least, Anatolian Houses are cave dwelling in luxury. The rooms are set as rock formation carving. This one of its kind of world terrain of Turkey looks magical inside out, and you can also view it with a hot air balloon ride in early morning hours.