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I had heard from lot of people since the time we were young, if Jannat is on earth, its in Kashmir. I use to think it must be just a saying made by our ancestors which we are carrying along the path. It’s just this week when I travelled to the heaven on earth, I could feel gods presence in the beautiful nature he has painted for mankind.

31/07/2015 We were greeted by a mid age enthusiastic driver at Srinagar airport who could not wait to show his city with open arms and warmth and was only blaming politicians for not letting the city flourish and tourism flourish as it should be. He did not like our idea of staying three nights only as the stay seem to be very short to feel the place.

We reached Gulmarg listening to his stories about how Kashmir was an independent state and did not belong to either Pakistan or India.

Resort Khyber Himalayan Resort and Spa -Gulmarg

Here we reach to this wooden finished ski resort. The subtle flavours of the kahwa and the mint were very pleasing to the palate. hot sip in cool pure breeze was welcome drink with almonds which gave warmth to spine. This is the only luxury resort of Gulmarg with ideal location.

Long pine trees mountains at background, sun going up the mountain and down the mountain, and different shades of sky, nature was at its best.
However while getting ready I saw the clouds drifting away and I quickly took the picture which was no less than a painting. The city and resort are alcohol free so travellers must carry their own liquor if they like to treat themselves.


Highlight of city : I was surprised and happy to see in radius of few kilometers all three religions were at same place –shiv temple, st. mary s church and mosque and all three were built more than hundred years ago. I started wondering what life must have been centuries ago.

Shiv temple 140 year old. Sixty nine steps and you reach up the shrine. It’s a pretty temple in a picturesque location offering great views in every direction. Made famous by the picturization of the song Jai Jai Shivshankar, it’s well worth a visit for any Gulmarg visitor.
Ski – of corse you can take gondola and go up to glaciers to experience ski. Apharwat mountaints with breathtaking vistas of green woods and craggy cliffs amid blinding white snow. That’s enough adventure for most visitors to Gulmarg, some go beyond and experience.
Phase 2 of the Gulmarg Gondola takes you to Apharwat Peak. This is covered with snow even during summers as well. One can play in the snow and also try skiing and sledging. .Have a coffee with your loved ones but be careful, oxygen level is less here than normal.

Car free city – You can ride on horse back and take a round of city. This feeling instantly took me back to a time when things were so much simpler and so much closer to nature.
Atv ride: not to miss experience of terrain by driving Atv.


Next day we continued our journey to Srinagar . There were loads of fresh apple sellers on way to hotel .We stopped to have fresh corn and apples from road side vendors and then continued our road trip .

IMG_8082 IMG_8081


Gulmarg to Srinagar – Road trip one hour thirty minutes to two hours depending on traffic and road conditions.
We crossed DAL lake with number of colourful shikaras floating on the lake, which was very picturesque and calming experience. While most tourists are given the paddle around the more touristy landmarks on the Dal like the Char Chinar, Floating Markets etc, ask your shikara to take you around the floating villages on the Dal for a truly eye-opening side of life in Kashmir. No less than Venice of Italy.IMG-20150811-WA0004
Another highlight, and must to visit is only 400 year old Mughal Gardens. We pass by many shops of handcrafted kashmiri products like carpets, shawls etc.

Resort The lalit Grand palace – Here we reach truly a palace with magnificent gardens, taking you back to another era. I could have sat there for days under the trees which must be centuries old. Birds chirping outside my room, fruit plucking from trees, cool breeze touching my face, how else could one be closer to natures love. The serene gardens spread across acres of land gave me feeling of being free from cosmopolitan life. the view of mountains behind the room is breath taking.

Its not only shikara as an option, at Dal Lake but also jet ski is another modern sport which we can experience while we were in city. The beautiful manicured gardens and great health club, the resort is worth spending few days at leisure .

Shop: Ask your trusted person to introduce you to right vendor if you want to buy Kasmiri Handwooven shawls and carpet with jamavar or kalamkari work.

You want to have a romantic trip with your beloved, want to get together with you family, and have what they call a ‘quality’ family time, you want to do those little interesting things with the family and kids, like take a pony ride, just picnic next to a beautiful river, just lie down under the sun next to your ‘hut’ with fresh breeze blowing, and read a book, or have a game of cards. Go to a cosy market and have a cup of coffee, then its PAHALGAM.
Shooting of recent wonderful movie of Salman khan is done at this picturesque town, Bajrangi Baijaan.


Distance from Srinagar to pahalgam is three hours approximately.

Resort – Pahlagam Pahalgam hotel has acquired a name for its rejuvenating ambience, hospitality and a wholesome tasty cuisine. A lot of movies have been shot here …

Best season to visit Kashmir- March to October. December to March entire valley wears blanket of snow. If you love skiing, then this is the period.

Kashmiri food – we could not have left the city without tasting the kashmiri delicacy.
Wazwan-A Wazwan is a multi-course meal in the Kashmiri Muslim tradition and treated with great respect. Its preparation is considered an art. Almost all the dishes are meat-based (lamb, chicken, fish, but never Beef)
At marriage feasts, festivals, and religious places, it is customary to serve kahwah – a green tea made with saffron, spices, and almonds or walnuts

Famous restaurant in Srinagar – The Chinar at lalit, Krishna Vaishno Dhaba, Ahdoos
Famous restaurant in pahalgam- Troutbeat
Famous restaurant in Gulmarg –Khyber only .

“laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever: After this short vacation, I am ready to travel again.


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