Best Things To Do In Rio De Janeiro

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Best Things To Do In Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Some places in the world can be quintessentially glorious. Any reference to Rio de Janeiro, and it does not take a stretch to imagine the ultimate revelry of Rio Carnival, arguably the biggest jamboree on the planet. But Rio, the sixth most populous and the most bustling city in the Americas can also cast a spell with its golden beaches that provide solace for eyes with azure water. Rio is a celebration of life right from the word go. The pulsating beats of Samba music can very well mark your arrival in the hyper happening city.

Best time to visit

If you happen to be the creature of night willing to soak in the Carnival spirit of Rio, a visit in the month of February becomes inevitable. Streets of Rio de Janeiro see an outpour of dancers, block parties and thousands of local and foreign participants joining the boisterous celebration that continues till the wee hours of the morning.

In case you are looking to explore the city in its aesthetic form, a trip in the fall (September-November) could fit your bill. Spring season        (March-May) can also be the ideal time for exploring the city to satiate your globetrotting curiosities. The absence of the tropical summer’s heat in the fall and spring season relieves you from all the traveling exhaustion immensely.

At the Copa, Copacabana

Copacabana beach, one of the famous beaches in the world is undoubtedly your first go-to spot. But Ipanema and the Arpoador beach cannot be brushed aside either. The latter is a big hit among surfers looking for a perfect wave and a spot to have the best view of the sunset. Joatinga beach is another tourist spot that has caught up with other popular beaches for its secluded ambiance. Rio’s beaches have perpetual geographical stretch and charm. Therefore, choose a bike ride to explore its Golden coast.

Beauty of sky for the eye

Rio is outspread in a large geographical area and is bustling with city snarls that can unnerve you. Therefore, the best way to find composure after tiring revelry is heading out upwards. Cristo Redentor, right? Nope, there are many more monoliths that you can go atop on for clicking pictures. Pedra do da Gavea, the largest monolith in the region and Pedra do Telegrafo are two such spots that would take your breath away with the bird’s eye view. For the sluggish traveler, helicopter rides are always available to catch the gorgeous views effortlessly.

Searching the real Rio


Brazilian culture is as much about its rich and diverse culture as it is for Carnival festivities. Find the realms of Brazilian history by visiting Contemporary Art Museum and Museum of Tomorrow, two museums that have exhibits from different periods of time. Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading houses the largest collection of Portuguese text, this makes it a place worth visiting. Street art and architecture enthusiasts might as well want to wander on the streets of Santa Teresa and Lapa.

The secret world of the wild

Rio is synonymous with fun and frenzy of the Carnival. Little do people know that the large city has vast stretches of soothing greenery and stunning waterfalls. Set out on the journey of The Tijuca forest or the diverse Botanic Gardens that has palm trees galore. To sign off the day on a high, there’s ParqueLage for an afternoon picnic.

Eat this

Food on the sunny beach sides of Rio has to start off with açaí, the purple fruit of the palm of South America that would freshen you up on a hot day in the city. Try out the traditional Brazilian dishes like churrasco and feijoada to get the authentic Brazilian flavor for your taste buds. Lighten up your evening with acaipirinha in the midst of sunset.